Trio Cake

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800-1100 Gms

Allergens: Dairy Products & Gluten.
🔴Contains Eggs.
🟢Available In Eggless Option.

Callebaut Dark Chocolate 811, Callebaut Milk Chocolate 823, Callebaut White Chocolate W2, Elle & Vire Cream, Vanilla Beans, T 45 Flour, Butter

Meet the Trio Cake – your new go-to for chill vibes and maximum flavor. Think of it like the ultimate dessert remix, blending chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in one delicious harmony. It's the kind of cake you bring to the table when you're keeping it low-key but still want to impress. No need for fancy forks or etiquette here – just grab a slice and savor the sweet trio goodness. Dessert, simplified.

Rs. 2,350.00