Vanilla Frasier Entermet Cake

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900-1000 Gms

Allergens: Dairy Products & Gluten.
🔴Contains Eggs.

T 45 Flour, Elle & Vire Cream, Vanilla Beans, Strawberry Compote, Fresh Strawberry

Hey, dessert lovers! Meet Vanilla Frasier Entermet – your new go-to for casual indulgence. Think smooth vanilla vibes, mixed with the fresh kick of Frasier fir. It's like your favorite cozy sweater but for your taste buds. There's no need to get all fancy – grab a spoon and dig in. Vanilla Frasier Entermet is here to turn your ordinary moments into a flavor-packed fiesta. Go on, treat yourself – because why not make every day a dessert day?

Rs. 2,650.00